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Risk And Resilience And Factors Example

Hazard And Resilience And Factors Example Hazard And Resilience And Factors †Coursework Example Hazard and Resilience in the event that, one Specialist Ramirez has a solid social emotionally supportive network. This is a flexible factor since it offers love, companionship and a motivator for the veteran to endure the brutal states of war. These incorporate the sendoff party before joining the military, the solid security with his battle group which kept him alive, and the warm invite he got on getting back after the war. Without the solid emotionally supportive network, he would have been helpless to the couple of hazard factors that may have influenced his mental wellbeing, for example, seeing the rough passing of two of his friends. As per Kaylor et al., (1987), â€Å"exposure to battle, including being terminated on and seeing the demise of individual unit individuals, is the stressor that has overwhelmed military veteran examination, with suggestions for both intense and ceaseless pressure responses. On the off chance that two, the main flexible factor was the directing Sp ecialist Johnson got during his organization after he went to recover the consumed stays of a little youngster. It helped him adapt the horrendous experience. In any case, the glaring danger factor he confronted was the nonappearance of any social emotionally supportive network from loved ones. The disasters saw in his life before his sending, for example, confronting the typhoon Katrina and his parents’ separate from left him distanced. Moreover, the consistent analysis from the Major and nonappearance of any warm greeting from his family made him defenseless against stress. Taking everything into account, the veteran in the event that two has a more serious danger of building up a battle related mental issue. This is a direct result of the nonattendance of a solid social emotionally supportive network that may have filled in as an outlet for his repressed feelings emerging from his dealing with the consumed stays of the casualty during the war. As indicated by McCarroll, Ur sano, and Fullerton (1995) and Sutker, Uddo, Brailey, Vasterling, and Errera (1994) â€Å"Prior research with veterans of the 1990â€1991 Gulf War, additionally, has demonstrated that the treatment of human remains was particularly disturbing.† ReferencesKaylor, J., King, D. and King, L. (1987) Psychological impacts of military assistance in Vietnam: a Meta investigation Psychological Bulletin, 102, 257-271McCarroll, J., Ursano, R., Fullerton, C. (1993). Indications of PTSD following recuperation of war dead: 13-multi month development. American Journal of Psychiatry, 152, 939-941.Sutker, P. B., Uddo, M., Brailey, K., Vasterling, J. J. and Errera, P. (1994) Psychopathology in combat area conveyed and nondeployed Operation Desert Storm troops doled out graves enlistment obligations. The Journal of Abnormal Psychology and Social Psychology, 103(2), 4-12. doi:10.1037/0021-843X.103.2.383

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1987 Nobel Prize in Physics

1987 Nobel Prize in Physics The 1987 Nobel Prize in Physics went to German physicist J. Georg Bednorz and Swiss physicist K. Alexander Muller for revelation that specific classes of earthenware production could be planned that had successfully no electrical opposition, implying that there were clay materials that could be utilized as superconductors. The key part of these earthenware production is that they spoke to the top notch of high-temperature superconductors and their revelation effectsly affected the sorts of materials that could be utilized inside refined electronic gadgets Or on the other hand, in the expressions of the official Nobel Prize declaration, the two specialists got the honor for their significant advancement in the revelation of superconductivity in artistic materials. The Science These physicists were not the first to find superconductivity, which had been recognized in 1911 by Kamerlingh Onnes while looking into mercury. Basically, as mercury was diminished in temperature, there was a point where it appeared to lose all electrical opposition, implying that electrical flow tally course through it unrestricted, making a supercurrent. This is being a superconductor. Nonetheless, the mercury just showed the superconducting properties at low degrees close to supreme zero, around 4 degrees Kelvin. Later research during the 1970s identified materials that displayed superconducting properties at around 13 degrees Kelvin. Bednorz and Muller were cooperating to explore the conductive properties of earthenware production at an IBM inquire about research center close to Zurich, Switzerland, in 1986, when they found the superconducting properties in these pottery at temperatures of around 35 degrees Kelvin. The material utilized by Bednorz and Muller was a compound of lanthanum and copper oxide that was doped with barium. These high-temperature superconductors were affirmed rapidly by different analysts, and they were granted the Nobel Prize in Physics the next year. The entirety of the high-temperature superconductors are known as a Type II superconductor, and one of the impacts of this is the point at which they have a solid attractive field applied, they will display just a partial Meissner effectâ that separates in a high attractive field, on the grounds that at a specific force of attractive field the superconductivity of the material is devastated by electrical vortices that structure inside the material. J. Georg Bednorz Johannes Georg Bednorz was conceived on May 16, 1950, in Neuenkirchen, in North-Rhine Westphalia in the Federal Republic of Germany (known to those of us in America as West Germany). His family had been dislodged and separated during World War II, yet they had rejoined in 1949 and he was a late expansion to the family. He went to the University of Munster in 1968, at first considering science and afterward progressing into the field of mineralogy, explicitly crystallography, finding the blend of science and material science more just as he would prefer. He worked at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory throughout the mid year of 1972, which is the point at which he initially started working with Dr. Muller, leader of the material science office. He started chip away at his Ph.D. in 1977 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Zurich, with chiefs Prof. Heini Granicher and Alex Muller. He formally joined the staff of IBM in 1982, 10 years after he spent the late spring working there as an understudy. He started taking a shot at the quest for a high-temperature superconductor with Dr. Muller in 1983, and they effectively recognized their objective in 1986. K. Alexander Muller Karl Alexander Muller was conceived April 20, 1927, in Basel, Switzerland. He spent World War II in Schiers, Switzerland, going to the Evangelical College, finishing his baccalaureate degree in seven years, beginning at age 11 when his mom passed on. He lined this up with military preparing in the Swiss armed force and afterward progressed to Zurichs Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Among his educators was prestigious physicist Wolfgang Pauli. He graduated in 1958, working then at the Battelle Memorial Institute in Geneva, at that point a Lecturer at the University of Zurich, and afterward at long last finding an occupation at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in 1963. He led a scope of research there, including filling in as a guide to Dr. Bednorz and teaming up on the examination to find high-temperature superconductors, which brought about the granting of this Nobel Prize in Physics.

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Deep Breath

Deep Breath Today is Veterans Day, a federal holiday honoring military veterans. So Id like to begin by giving a shoutout to my grandfather, who, in addition to being a WWII vet, was also ordained as a nondenominational minister 50 years ago today. He is responsible for much of whatever good there is in me. I remember when I told him last year that Id gotten really choked up at CPW when I met some students Id worked with at MITES. A big tear welled up in his eye, and he said: you know, thats whats great about you Chris. Youre just a bit soft. Just the right amount of soft. Love you, Papa. Many people have today off for school or work in honor of Veterans Day, including at MIT. However, Ill be spending today doing what Ill be doing for the next several months, which is reading all of your applications. Because Ill be buried with that, I wont be posting quite so much. But I did want to take a moment to talk about where weve all been, where we all are, and where we are going. Over the past month Ive tried to unpack for you some of our operating ideas about holistic admissions and diversity and merit. Ive discussed data and how to understand its validity. All of these posts have been attempts to shine some light on what is too often a dimly understood process and, to the extent possible, explain how and why we do the work we do. But now our Early Action applicants have all applied, and our Regular Action applicants are about to. So what do we do next? Once your applications are complete and all material received, your application goes to a senior admissions officer, someone with extensive experience and knowledge, who will evaluate your application in its proper context. Strong applications will then be sent to additional admissions readers (like me) who will really dig deeply into the application and prepare a summary almost like a legal brief for the committee. These briefs, along with your entire application, will then be presented to the selection commitee. Multiple rounds of these committees then whittle the class down into its final shape. By the time an applicant is admitted, easily more than a dozen people will have debated and discussed their application. The effect is that, just like our government has a system of checks and balances, so does our admissions committee. The process is long and arduous. Its lots of nights and weekends of work. But at the end, the final class will be a product of all of these different levels of committee and expertise all agreeing that each admitted student is an indispensable member of the class. Thats what Ill be doing from now until April. But what will you be doing? Sometimes I get worried calls or emails from students (or their parents) during senior year, asking what they (or their child) should be doing as the college application process plays out. The first answer, of course, is to keep on keeping on. Keep doing well in classes, keep making your teachers love you, keep inventing and creating, keep writing, and doing all the of the things that you love to do. You dont need to do anything beyond that. But also remember to make or keep time for yourself and your friends. Senior year goes by really quickly. In a few short months, you will be graduating, and soon after that you will be leaving your friends and family for the next phase of your life. This is not a reason to be sad. It is a reason to be glad. You have the opportunity to go out and get a college education at a school of your choosing. Thats amazing. But please, dont get caught in the rat race of doing things just to do them, or to further burnish your resume, or because you think it looks good. This is not the time for that. Maintain, yes. But take the time to make those memories that you will have for the rest of your life. Most of you will have spent most of your lives in your current communities. A lot of people have helped you become as awesome as you are. Thank them. Appreciate them. And enjoy yourself. Be in touch.

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Careers in Psychology Essay - 1136 Words

Career goals in Psychology Lynda Reyes PSY 215 Careers in Psychology I want to be a psychologist. I would love to learn all about the way people act, think and feel and at the same time try to help them. I have a very easygoing personality and I love to have fun and laugh. I ask a lot of questions, and I think I am very easy to get along with. Some career goals I have is to finish college, I would like to find a job I want to keep that I could make a career out of, and just take it one day at a time because I have desire to make the right decisions and live a pleasant life. I first became interested in psychology a couple years ago. I feel like I need to try and help make a difference, and thats what I would like to spend the rest†¦show more content†¦Are also matters that are handled from someone working in the forensics of psychology. Becoming a successful forensic psychologist requires at least the solid clinical psychology training and experience. Firm grounding in scientific theory and empirical research â€Å"understanding of scientific validity, research design, statistics, and testing† critical thinking skills thorough knowledge of social and cultural issues legal knowledge â€Å"including mental health law, case law, and courtroom procedures† excellent writing skills strong oral presentation skills and the ability to maintain ones composure under stress. Forensic Psychologists apply psychology to criminal justice. Although similar in some aspects, forensic psychology is different than forensic science. Salary is approximately $45,000 at the lower end of the education and experience and as high as $77,000. Salaries vary widely depending on the type of workplace with nonprofit organizations paying the lower salaries and with state and local governments paying the highest annual amounts. Forensic psychology are experiencing rapid growth in a number of settings. Jobs are available with child welfare agencies, state forensic units, mental health facilities, and community mental health agencies. There is also a opportunity of operating as a private practice providing psychotherapy or as a consultant. Government agencies offerShow MoreRelatedExpository Essay : Career And Psychology865 Words   |  4 Pages Expository Essay Remembering back we had just come out of the 1950’s with straight lace kids to a world of kids who thought something was wrong with America, rock ‘ n roll, rebellion. Those were turbulent times for families with gangs and turf wars. Parents would lead and guide their kids into careers particularly the medical field as doctors, nurses or lawyers. In some way those were simple times back then, guiding them andRead MoreEssay on Choosing Psychology as a Career1558 Words   |  7 Pages Psychology is the study of the mind, its biology, and behavior if the individual. The father of psychology, Wilhelm Wundt, used objective measurement and controlled analyzing to find and emphasize separation between psychology and philosophy (McLeod). Wundt opened the Institute for Experimental Psychology at the University of Leipzig in Germany in 1879, using his background in physiology to study reactions and sensations (McLeod). There is no doubt that he, along with the later help of SigmundRead MoreExploring Psychology Careers Essay1100 Words   |  5 PagesExploring Psychology Careers Destiny Brotherton PSY 305 May 4, 2015 Dr. Jon Stern Exploring Psychology Careers Although there is an inordinate amount of diverse types and areas of specialization in psychology, such as Clinical Neuropsychology and School Psychology, the overall idea is the study and research of the human mind and behavior. Psychology is known to aid those who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses while also helping people to comprehend better the mind and how exactly theRead More Child Psychology: A Difficult Career Essay502 Words   |  3 Pagesreceives this, they must have had been in graduate school for at least three years. Altogether, the years of schooling that would be completed are seven to twelve years. This requires extreme concentration for what will lie on the road ahead for any psychology major. The next step to becoming a child psychologist is mentally and emotionally preparing oneself. Most people won’t be able to acquire this task, but that doesn’t take into account for everyone. The first trick to this preparation is to understandRead MoreCareer in Psychology: Personal Narrative Essay935 Words   |  4 PagesMy entire life I have always been on the search of a career that would fit my persona, fit who I truly am, and to become someone who will constantly have the ability to help people through their difficult problems that they face. Throughout my life I have been deemed the type of person that people felt comfortable coming to with their problems. Maybe people feel this way because they sense that I have a sympathetic ear? Well, all I can say is that human behavior has always seemed interesting to meRead MorePSY 305 Week 1 Exploring Psychology Careers Essay1141 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Exploring Psychology Careers Sara M. Covey PSY 305 February 6, 2015 Dr. Sheila Rapa Exploring Psychology Careers Everyone who decides to enroll in college must, at some point, think about what area they want to major in. There are many things that students consider when choosing a major. Some make their decision based on what they think can make them the most money once they begin their lives in the work force. However, many students believe that if you choose a major that interestsRead MoreCollege Writing Importance715 Words   |  3 Pageshave to think a little deeper. That question is, why? Why is writing in college so important? College writing is a needed necessity in college, and for your future career because most careers require writing or documenting to be done. Not only is it important for everyone’s career but it is especially important for my future in the psychology department. As I explored this question myself, I found it helpful to ask my peers what their thoughts are. My mom has been a teacher and has worked in a schoolRead MorePersonal Reflection Essay : My Passion For Psychology1374 Words   |  6 PagesThrough reviewing my Projection essay, I noticed that my priorities, purpose, goals, attributes, and hurdles have all remained the same. In my essay, I described that by taking a psychology course this quarter, I would hopefully have a better idea if that is a subject I would enjoy focusing my career on. My passion for psychology has been reinforced this quarter as I have found every topic in my psychology class to be engaging and interesting. My interest in this subject is evident as it has ledRead MoreWomen Contribution to Psychology1633 Words   |  7 PagesWomen Contributions to Psychology Jovon Sutphin PSY/310 8 March 2013 Brandi Reynolds Abstract The essay is written about Margaret Flow Washburn. The essay speaks of her background from her early teenage years and progressing through her career as a psychologist, her battles of a womanRead MoreI / O Psychology And Human Resource1173 Words   |  5 Pagesincluding Industrial/Organisation (I/O) psychology students, do not necessarily know what the career field of I/O psychology entails. In an attempt to answer the question of â€Å"why should we employ I/O psychologist?† a definition of I/O psychology will be given and an explanation of the roles which it plays in organisations. To assert the argument for the employment of I/O psychologist in organisations and create an understanding of the role of I/O psychology within an organisation, the following will

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Self-Analysis Essay - 633 Words

Self-Analysis Essay Joe Schmoe I’d like to begin by saying that the informative speech I gave was better than the how-to speech in that I was much more relaxed, prepared and organized this time. So I do think I am improving from speech to speech. Also, while preparing for my informative speech, I learned more about my topic from doing further research, which is great. I realized that you can learn so much, however, that it is sometimes difficult to put it all into a five to eight minute speech. Because of this, I’ve really learned the importance of good organization. Although I saw some improvements in my most recent speech, there are still several areas that I could improve on in my speech giving, including my delivery in my†¦show more content†¦The third area that I need to improve on — one that is related to my nervousness — is my rate of speech. I am always so nervous at the beginning that I start out talking way too fast and I am not sure that people catch what I am trying to say. The more nervous I am, the faster I tend to talk. At times, I just need to remember to stop and breathe. As I give more speeches and look for opportunities to practice, my confidence will increase, my nervousness will decrease, and my rate of speech will slow down. In the meantime, I plan to make delivery cue notes on my speaking outline that will remind me to pause and to slow down throughout my speech. The final problem that I need to address is my transitions. I highlighted the connective sentences on the notecards for the informative speech and felt I used them better this time, but they could still use some work. I plan to reword these, keeping in mind the â€Å"Review/Preview† technique discussed in class, to help the speech flow more smoothly. If I make these adjustments, I’m confident that I will deliver a better Informative Re-Do speech than my original Informative Speech. I am improving each and every week and I hope — no, EXPECT — that I will continue improving as I give moreShow MoreRelatedEssay on A Self Analysis1857 Words   |  8 Pagessaw in this class was an attempt to avoid overly flowery writing. While a writers use of colorful diction can serve to add readability to a piece, it often obscures the real points that the writer wishes to make. The first draft of my rhetorical analysis paper was a perfect example of my obsessive thesaurus use. I included ridiculous phrases like â€Å"All of these are proposed consequences, the fantastically progressive and the destructively detrimental, of one question deep at the heart of the questRead MoreEssay on Self-Analysis566 Words   |  3 PagesSelf-Analysis Before taking this course my writing styles and habits were very different. I was the typical procrastinator because I would wait until the night before a paper was due to start it. This did not allow me enough time to properly proofread everything, which resulted in getting points deducted for simple grammatical errors that could have been avoided if I would have had the time to proofread. My writing styles have many strengths and weaknesses and I have been able to improve myRead MoreLearning Self-Analysis Essay546 Words   |  3 PagesI once thought of myself as a slow learner. My friends and acquaintances seemed to have knowledge and experiences unknown to me. I now realize I was a sheltered learner. My sensory input was limited. What I saw, read, heard, and even did, was limited to what my parents, teachers, preachers and even my spouse, thought I should experience. Reading, which once seemed restricted to school books, the Bible, and parenting books, became an adventure to a new life. I acquired new desires, dreamsRead MoreLeadership Self-Analysis Essay879 Words   |  4 PagesOne of the challenges facing nurses today is learning how to be an effective leader. Assessing and analyzing the style of leadership the nurse possesses is the first step in facing the challenge. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and understand the characteristics of my style of leadership from an assessment performed by Gallup Strength Finders and DiSC and compare the strengths I have in common with Eleanor Roosevelt. For me to be an effective leader, I must first evaluate my strengthsRead MoreTheoretical Self Analysis Essay1590 Words   |  7 Pageseighteen months to three years of age. According to Erikson, during this stage I was striving to learn to do things independently, such as feeding myself, walking, and using the bathroom. Accomplishing these tasks provided me with a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. On the other hand, if I was constantly punished at this age I would doubt myself, rather than gain confidence in myself. The next stage of Erikson’s psychosocial theory is stage three, â€Å"Initiative versus Guilt.† This stage rangesRead MoreLeadership Self-Analysis Essay834 Words   |  4 PagesI learned so much about self. Self awareness is a major growing edge in anyones leadership skills. Especially if you are trying to be successful and effective with your congregation, family and in the community. I learned that when dealing with conflict, I had the tendency to shy away or pretend as though the conflict is not happening or that it didn’t exist. This behavior would lead to some unattended and unhealthy issues within my self. My peers were able to recognizeRead MoreAnalysis of Hunger of Memory and Self Essay1031 Words   |  5 PagesWhile I read The Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez, there were tons of ideas that struck me. It was very interesting because so many of the different parts could relate to my life. Also, given his story, its so interesting to me that he is against bilingual education, having benefited from it in his own life. To me, it places the book in a different light as I read it. This book is a narrative and it is telling in how his opinions were formed because the experiences thatRead MoreLeadership Style Self-Analysis Essay1657 Words   |  7 Pages(1)Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style. My leadership style is problem solver; this leadership style offers me the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and experience of my followers. I believe that I am more of this leadership style because I tend to accept input from group members when making decisions and solving problems. I do this because I feel that everyone in the group have something tangible to contribute to the group, and sometimes they might have access toRead MoreEssay on Self-Directed Team Analysis 1777 Words   |  8 PagesTravaglione (2010), self-directed teams have a high degree of autonomy, which is proven to increase productivity†. Based on my experiences either in the course ‘s work group activities, I agree that self-directed team if implemented appropriately will lead to the high level of productivity. This essay will critically analyse the authors’ claim and examine whether or not self-directed teams are always beneficial for the business in many perspectives. Throughout the body of the essay, we will be lookingRead MoreEssay about Self-Analysis of Writing Process962 Words   |  4 Pagestoo. I had a very difficult time trying to find the right words that would make up my essay. The most common mistake I made was assuming that the readers would naturally know the common knowledge I had acquired through my research. They, of course did not know the background information that I knew and so the phrase or sentence that I wrote sounded very vague or off topic to the reader. For example, in my third essay about The Series Survivor Vs. The Amazing Race, I had this sentence â€Å"Television’s popular

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Imperialism Debate Essay Free Essays

The dominance came every now and then by force of arms, but frequently It occurred because of trade and businesses. At this point, It allowed Imperial powers to the influence the selected civilization. While the Imperials ruled, they usually ‘robbed’ the land of Its resources with little payback. We will write a custom essay sample on Imperialism Debate Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now These schemes obviously allowed for the imperial powers to gain a large profit and gain dominance. Imperialism was an effective and successful way for civilized countries to gain control over an indigenous countries. So, America should not become an imperial power. Core Democratic Value: Liberty Liberty is the one of the core values of American Constitutional Democracy. But this Liberty should include personal, political, economic freedom of not only American but also all nations. Imperialism based on ideas of superiority and nationalism robbed liberty of the subject country and their human rights In order to gain political, economic, and military benefits. For example, by the late sass, Americans wanted to annex Hall because of Its abundant natural resources and cultivatable lands. America, therefore, began a program of Imperialism In Hawaii and forced political and economic change. Queen Alkalinity wanted to end America’s influence over Hawaii and created a new constitution. However, the United States denied it, soon took over the government office at Hawaii, and established complete control over Hawaii. American imperialism robbed economic and political freedom of Hawaii. Data: ‘If a strong people try to govern a weak one against its will, the home government will get despotic, too. You cannot maintain despotism in Asia and a republic In America. If you try to deprive even a savage or a barbarian of his Just rights you can never do It without becoming a savage or a barbarian yourself. ‘ ? Senator George F. Hoar under the pretext of spreading democracy and a Western value system, America’s military intervene causes our endless warfare and the sacrifice of young military people. Ongoing Afghanistan civil war could be a good example. Prior Knowledge: Japanese imperialism robbed the liberty of Koreans. From 1910 to 1945, Japan occupied Korea. They forced the Koreans into Japanese culture under the pretext of civilizing the Koreans. Japanese language was taught In schools, and Japanese also forced the Koreans to change of their name in Japanese. Japan tried to destroy all records of histories of Korea and force the people with the conditionals pride to convert to Japanese ways of thinking. Hundreds of thousands of laborers were forced to work In Japanese factories and conscripted Into the armed forces, women were forced into â€Å"comfort stations† which is military brothels. While military power. As a result, imperialism deprived Koreans human rights, destroyed cultural factors, caused economic exhaustion, and lost natural resources. Counter Argument: Colonial officials, doctors, and missionaries strongly believed that all races could be improved and uplifted by introducing Christianity, and they lived that it’s their duty to conquer other nations to spread the religion, but it is opposed to the concept of individual freedom and freedom of religion. The dominating country thinks that their beliefs and laws are superior to the subjected nation. In fact, Imperialism civilizes and modernizes the underdeveloped country for the dominating country to gain economic benefits. If the dominate country uses the nationalistic or cultural factors to take control, there is a chance where the customs and the way of living of the domains will be lost. Conclusion: An average imperialist believed that imperial expansion was necessary for the arrival of their countries. Countries exercise great authority over large and varied territories populated by diversity of ethnic groups, cultures, and religions. Countries which exercise imperial power use a broad range of tools and incentives to maintain the dominance: political persuasive, economic advantages and cultural influences where possible, sometimes using force. But imperialism based on ideas of superiority and nationalism robbed liberty of the subject country and their human rights in order to gain political, economic, and military benefits. The reasons mentioned above are why America should not become imperial power. How to cite Imperialism Debate Essay, Papers

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Medicine and Health Clifford

Question: Discuss about the role in medicine dispensing and advice providing on the use of the medicines. Answer: Clifford et al. (2010) stated that community pharmacy has an important role in medicine dispensing and advice providing on the use of the medicines, promoting good health along with supporting the prevention agenda. The community pharmacy helps those people in their wellbeing and self care who has undergone any major operation. Being a part of the integral models of local care, the community pharmacy has to serve a greater purpose of the present condition of the health of society. The roles of the medicine community involves the optimization of the medication usage, supporting the people with long term medical treatment as well as with minor illness and injuries and overall promoting a good health and prevention of ill-health. Integrating with wider healthcare and social system in order to relieve the pressure on accident and emergency departments is the goal of the community pharmacy. Reduced funding has become an issue that is putting a challenge to the care service of the communit y pharmacy. In 2015 to 2016, NHS funded a remuneration funding of 2.8 billion for the community pharmacy. An amount of 2.8 from that is utilized for the allowances, 2 is utilized as fees and for the reimbursement of drug, 800 m was used. However, a declaration of saving 22 billion was made by the NHS and the importance of the role of community pharmacy can be understood based on this context. Since 2003, an increment in the number of pharmacies occurred by 20%. The decreased efficiency of community pharmacies is not acceptable by government in spite of cutting their fund. But the efficiencies of the community pharmacies are not going to decrease because of the well maintenance of patient access in the pharmacies. The pharmacies that are funded by NHS are able to qualify a higher amount of fees without considering the service provided by them. The maximum numbers of community pharmacies do not have an effective and efficient dispensing arrangement and the service and quality of care are also not up to the mark. Community pharmacy has an infrastructure that is not well enough to adjust with low funding and new circumstances. That is why it is not easy for them to maintain or provide a quality service. Sir David Nicholson, the Chief Executive of NHS, focuses on lowering the fund of community pharmacy maintaining the same level of quality service. The Chief Executive addressed this as his new challenge. After his retirement, Simon Stevens took the position and adapted the same policy that is reducing the fund without affecting the service quality. Therefore, the same question arises again that if it is possible to maintain the quality in spite of a low funding. As the cut of the funding is significant, it is not easy to maintain the quality. As per NHS, the Chief Executive has declared to cut down an amount of 170 million from the annual funding and this statement of Sir Nicholson had an immense reaction on the press and on the common people. According to the mailOnline, a cut of 170 million will cause the termination of one fourth of the chemists which will result into an increasing pressure on the AEs. It has been stated in the pharmaceutical journal that due to the cuts in the annual fund by the government, the pharmaceutical community will be facing a huge trouble. The community pharmacy has asked for support to the public and different social media to protest against this. They also planned to visit the local decision makers including the MPs, the groups of patients and local press for support. The reduction in the funding should be 2.8 to 2.36 billion that is more than 6% in terms of cash. In order to support the community pharmacy in such situation, PSNC has agreed to discuss NHS and DH as they could not be able to provide some particular proposals. The community pharmacy took several steps to adjust with the situation like, optimization in of the medicines, supporting the people with long term conditions, treatment of minor illness of injury, prevention of ill health and promotion of good health. Besides these, the pharmacies are also planning to reduce the budget of the pharmacy care packages that are offered by them, which can be helpful to maintain their sustainability. For providing the care facilities in a better way, the community pharmacy took many steps and those got very much appreciation from the common people. The steps include support for medicine optimization, implementing the MUR type conversation and interventions of NMS type. In order to reduce the medicine wastage, the pharmacies started the synchronization of the medicines of the patients. In order to indicate the effect of pharmacy intervention, community pharmacy is using Patient Activation Measures and adherence scores along with educating the patient about the right usage of medications. Enhanced community pharmacy care package is one new package that is implemented by the community pharmacy for the wellbeing of the patients which were appreciated by the patients as well as by their care givers. The community pharmacy has always attempted to provide its best services to the patients. The current news says that the funding that is cut by the government is more than 6% of the annual funding of community pharmacy. The community pharmacy has been put into a very complicated position due this announcement, which states that the annual funding of 170 million is going to be cut by the government from their annual funding. The community pharmacy has received help from the PSNC and then found several steps that can be helpful for the community pharmacy to serve the patient without any compromise in the quality. On the other side, it was evidenced that the press, the newspaper along with the common people are raising voice against the fund reduction by the government and it is a positive sign for the community pharmacy. In England the Nation Health Services is a healthcare system that is funded publicly. NHS is primarily funded by the general system of taxation and the health providers of all the residents of UK. According to the report of 2009, it has been noted that there are 10475 number of community pharmacies in England. In the year 2010 to 2011 a 2.49 billion pounds were funded to the community pharmacies. Out of this amount, they made a profit of 0.5 billion pound as per the Health Department. Services like health promotion, medicine disposal, dispensing, advices related to lifestyle, support for self care and other health related services are provided by the Community services. For the improvement and sustainability of patient services, the pharmacy needs to take up actions and they are providing some advanced services to the patients. The present writing is to advise advice the general director of NHS about the aspects of adverse situation of funding and the importance of the pharmacies in the community that will direct to the path to mobilize the pharmacies. In England, there is a rise in the number of pharmacies to 11,600 in 2015 and every year there are one billion prescriptions in those pharmacies. 48% of the pharmacies are chain retailers who have store of 100 and above. Among the others, 39% of the pharmacies are independent and rest 13 % pharmacies are chain retailers and the numbers of their stores are ranging from 6 to 99. The recent report states that the ministry will reduce the funding of the pharmacies in order to reduce their number. For the majority of their income, the pharmacies rely and depend on the NHS. A cut of 170 pounds has been decided to be done for the stores of high street in the October of 2016. This is a short sighted decision and is potential for depriving a large number of those patients, who have a need of the trusted healthcare services. However, according to the government, there are a number of pharmacies that has grown in an inappropriate manner and there are no additional benefits of having such a larg e number of pharmacies. It has been decided that along with the reduction in budget the closing of about two thousand pharmacies will be done in this year. The development of NHS is a very important aspect of the United Kingdom and the concerned authority is paying attention to address and identify the issues that are related to the recent scenario of healthcare. Recommendation is needed from the government for NHS to mobilize the community pharmacies. First of all the aspect that is needed to be considered is that the pharmacy must be approved by the NHS and the main potential for a better utilization of community pharmacy is strengthening a healthy life and disease prevention. For promoting the good pharmacy practices there should be a service in the community pharmacy that is clinically focused. The pressure on the emergency departments and general physician is released due to the community pharmacies. It also ensures a better patient outcome as well as an optimum use of medicines. It can be an ideal way to deliver seven-day healthcare. Assigning the clinical pharmacists in the practices of general physician can be a very good approach to promote the pharmacies and the pharmacists in the short-term. Prior to this the pharmacies must be brought together to the wide primary care. The pharmacists apply their skills for the more general practices and they must use the scopes for the protection and improvement of the health of common people along with an alignment of the emerging patient care model. A discussion should take place about the fact transforming the community pharmacies that operates in NHS to bring the distinct and clear public benefits by means of the best funding. Community pharmacies should play its essential role to deliver the support and efficiencies that are needed by the government for the required productivity and efficiency. The NHS must assure that community pharmacies, on which a number of people depend on, have to sustain. The NHS should allocate more funds for certain pharmacies and must consider the factors that are related to the health needs of the people and the community location. To drive the innovative models appropriately for making the orders of prescriptions and collection of the medicines disposed of. All the pharmacies should have the access to the hub and spoke dispensing efficiency. The changes in legislation will reduce the cost of operation and will provide more clinical and public health services. The opinions and views of pharmacy sectors are also considered for the innovative arrangement that supports the efficiency and patient services. The service quality can remain the same with enhanced effectiveness. There s hould not be too many pharmacies in one place, so that they can get focused by the people of that particular locality and there should be access for all communities. For maintaining both public access and the pursuing efficiencies, the advanced, automated large scale dispensing arrangements can be implemented. The government indication says that the budget is going to be reduced for the pharmacies and this reduction will occur from 2016. The community pharmacies has a desire to work along with each other for the delivery of a good healthcare to them and it is also important for them to have a good access to the pharmaceutical services by the means of online service or local community pharmacies. This will enhance the present practices of pharmacy to transform into a more clinically focused community pharmacy. With an integrated primary care the pharmacists will have a better role to play across the NHS. The entire process of improving and protecting peoples health will design the role of community pharmacies in NHS. However the priority will always remain the same that is to give benefit to the public.